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Our Club

The Credit Valley Free-Mo Group is an HO scale model railroad group that was established in 2007 by people with an interest in the Free-Mo method of module building and operations.

The purpose in creating the Credit Valley Free-Mo Group was to have fun and enjoy the company of others who are looking for the same; operating our trains. We hold monthly meetings to discuss progress on group activities, module construction, and other general topics and attendance is voluntary. Members also share their talents and expertise on different aspects of the hobby.

New members are always welcome, and are encouraged to join in the fun. The only pre-requisites to join are that you are interested in operating and/or building module(s) that meet with the Credit Valley Free-Mo Standards & Procedures and have a willingness to participate in group set ups at different venues. We welcome anyone with these desires, from the raw novice modeller to the most seasoned veteran of the hobby.


What is Free-Mo?

Free-Mo was developed with the idea that a set of standards, focusing mainly on module endplates and electrical connections, would become faithful in the modelling of prototype, and prototype inspired track plans and operations in a modular environment. The length and track configuration of a Free-Mo module is up to the modeller. Free-Mo takes the boredom out of running trains monotonously around a double or even a triple track mainline. With Free-Mo, the sky's the limit!

Free-Mo operates like a permanent or sectional layout but still retains its modularity (Free-Mo is actually more modular than existing double track modules). Free-Mo layouts are operated in a loop, point to loop, loop to loop, or point to point fashion. Layout sizes can vary to any size practical.

The Free-Mo mainline is centered on a two foot end so modules can be inverted 180 degrees and still mate up to an adjacent module without modification to wiring or track. The Free-Mo mainline also takes advantage of stronger industry support of code 83 rail.

Free-Mo was developed with the idea that a set of standards focusing mainly on module endplates would enable faithful modelling of prototype track plans and operations in a modular environment. The standards just mandate the ends where modules connect together, leaving the length and track configuration up to the modeller. This in turn yields extremely flexible standards that work! For example, if you want to build a module that is 5 feet 7 and 3/4 inches long with an angle of 19 degrees and a 2% grade, you can do it with Free-Mo!

Free-Mo enables the modeller's creativity to shine through their modules. No longer are modellers confined to fixed-length modules of 4, 6, or 8 feet long. They may build a module to their own needs and dreams.


For more information on Free-mo and and its standards, please visit


Becoming a Member


Information for New Members:

  1. Currently there is a one-time initiation fee of $50.

  2. Dues are currently set at $10 per month.

  3. Basic NMRA membership is included in your dues. (We are a 100% NMRA club.) Click HERE for the  NMRA Canada website.

  4. You are allowed two free meetings to determine if you would like to join.

  5. Meetings are the last Thursday of each month. Always check the Board for the meeting venue, time and any updates pertaining to them.

  6. We are trying to stay as informal a club as possible. There is no requirement for members to build modules. The only thing that we ask is to be willing to help out at train shows when you can and to have fun. Our aim is to promote an atmosphere of inspiration so that we can all improve our modelling skills. Everyone is welcome. Experience in the group ranges from beginner to Master Modeller. If you are a beginner you will be very welcome and we know that you will learn a lot.

  7. For those that are allowed to stay up past their bedtimes we often go for coffee and donuts at a local Tim Horton's after our regular meetings.

For more info please contact the club here

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